Small String of Pearl Arch

8' x 8' String of Pearl arch. Perfect for framing a doorway. Please see the colour chart above and specify your choices in the colour selection box.

(Not suitable for Grace or Children's Hospitals)

The arch is bagged in TWO Bags that are tied together (sometimes more).
Step 1: Separate the two bags (larger arches may have 3 or more bags; separate them all)
Step 2: Open ONE bag.
Step 3: Slowly release the balloons from the bag; one at a time is best, so they don’t tangle. If you notice any tangling as they are coming out of the bag, try to untwist and untangle immediately. As the balloons exit the bag you may need to start stretching the arch out a little.
Step 4: Open bag TWO and follow instructions for Step 3. (for larger arches continue opening the bags in sequence.
Step 5: Place arch in desired location by moving the two weights.
Step 6: Inspect the arch to make sure the balloons are still evenly spaced. Simply and GENTLY slide the offending balloon(s) back into position.

Small String of Pearl Arch

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    Sentiment will not be substituted. Design may vary.

    Birthday and printed graphics and colors may vary. A rainbow assortment will be used.

    Big Polka Dot graphics will not be substituted.


    If no additions are chosen the balloon bouquet will be built onto a hand crafted foil weight.